Vinyl Revival is the best at LP to CD, Vinyl to CD and Record to CD conversions

Do you remember the neighborhood milkman? Many years ago, milk was produced by independent local dairies and delivered daily to households every morning by men wearing clean, white uniforms and black bow ties driving delivery vans. Every dairy had a small army of these “milkmen” who would leave milk and other dairy products on your doorstep every morning and pick up the empty glass milk bottles to be cleaned and used later. The milkman was typically cordial and helpful, and delivered a wholesome, quality product.

Vinyl Revival is like that milkman. Our product is not mass produced, it’s made by hand, one at a time, so that every CD we make is perfect or we do it over. We create a custom CD for you that has only the songs you like…and we can change their order, edit out parts, whatever! The print settings for the inserts and LightScribed labels are always “best” or “fine”. The whole process takes longer, but the result is worth it.

More importantly, we take the time to meet with you (if you are local) and discuss what you want and then deliver. Just don’t be surprised if we chat for more than a few minutes when we meet, because we really do share your passion for analog music!

At Vinyl Revival, you’ll never see artist and album titles written on CD’s with a felt tip marker! Every CD is titled using the LightScribe system, which laser etches a hi-resolution image onto colored CD’s. This includes a background image, along with the album title and artist, track names and times. Do you have a favorite color? Choose from red, green, blue, orange, yellow or gold. Full color paper labels can also be printed and attached to the CD on request.

Email us at if you would like to receive it.

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